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Online Key Control & Transfer System


If you are a private person or juristic person (business) who owns a fleet of vehicles (2 or more) you need a system of driver nomination.

In the event of a fine and demerit points it is imperative to transfer the fine and the points onto the infringer (driver of the vehicle).

This needs to be done legally, on the correct documentation and in the short time frame set out by the AARTO ACT.

How does UneedSAM work?

If you own or manage vehicles you can have a profile on UNS with a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

This works with a SMARTPHONE
and/or on a DESKTOP

Packages to Suit your Needs

All your fleet vehicles will be listed on your profile:

You can add a vehicle by clicking on the WhatsApp link, send a picture of the licence disc and within moments the vehicle will be uploaded.

Please make a scan or photo of the vehicle's disk and then send it by WhatsApp
to 0605296394, or tap the WhatsApp logo below.

Family, friends or employees can have a personal profile on UNS.

Click on and Join up!

They do this by entering their details on the link provided on UNS and filling in all the necessary information required by AARTO, which includes a clear copy of their driver’s license.

We will then issue them with a USERNAME and PASSWORD once their driver’s license is validated. 

Once both parties have a profile on UNS vehicles can be transferred between the two. It can also be transferred between other private persons with profiles on UNS.

UneedSAM keeps history of all these transactions:

With this information any FINE / INFRINGEMENT can quickly be searched against this history and the rightful driver identified.

This fine can then be RE-DIRECTED with AARTO to ensure the demerit points (and fine) are assigned to the correct INFRINGER.

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How UneedSAM works.
UNS How it Works.pdf (159.02KB)
How UneedSAM works.
UNS How it Works.pdf (159.02KB)